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Lundqvist will always be King


Ever since Lundqvist joined the NY Rangers 11 years ago they made the playoffs all but 1 season (missed by 1 pt ) and I know people favor him. I’m a diehard #NYR fan but I’m also a diehard Lundqvist fan. Not only is he a great player but he is a great guy-met him outside MSG. He does tons of charity work and he has worked his ass off 4 everything he has. He proves time & time again that he is THE KING. The last playoffs there were ups & downs and it doesn’t help when his own players push players into him and deflect pucks past him. (Is it October yet?)

Thru his career, he’s done everything he needed 2 do and more. The only thing he hasn’t done is score a goal. He’s delivered over & over again. To see him after a loss makes me & many others feel the frustration and heartbreak that he feels. He doesn’t deserve that, blaming himself. He broke several records over the year’s and will continue to. I’m not an optimistic person but I believe that he will have his name on the Stanley Cup. #LETSGORANGERS



Living in a limited world (an introduction)


I started writing this blog in 2011 on another site that is now closing. So here I am complete with the past and heading into a future I am happy to share with you. I suspect like everyone else whe…

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